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Corporate Debt Partners,

a Proud American Organization

Discreet and Compliant Business Debt Solutions

One Payment

Consolidate all of your unsecured commercial debt into one single monthly payment.

Stretch out Terms

Spread your repayment terms out by an additional 3-5 years

Free up Cashflow

Open up your entity's cash flow by 70% to 80%

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We have a proven plan that has helped countless businesses over the years within the United States to pay creditors on a realistic budget and avoid bankruptcy or legal action. We can do the same for yours. We cater to any commerical debt loads $15,000 and up.

See below for types of Unsecured Debt we cater to:

  1. Merchant Cash Advances [MCA]

  2. Equipment Leases

  3. Bank Lines

  4. Vendors | Suppliers

  5. Credit Cards

  6. SBA loans

  7. Other Secured and Unsecured business debts

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